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    runveeus  Couple (F46 / M52)
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    jondenise  Couple (F37 / M43)
    Don't be shy! Please comment if you like what you see - We are a sexy fun couple who love each other like crazy. We are looking for other sexy couples to share pics and video with to inspire us to be as crazy and fun as possible and so that we can tur
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    hornytoads  Couple (F51 / M53)
    We are a happily married couple who are just looking to spice up our sex life.
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    hardjer9  Male (M49)
    Love a fun sexy chat with an older or younger gal. NOTHING SEXIER THAN SEEING THE LADY MAKE THE WETSPOT
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    exracer2  Male (M44)
    Always looking to make new friends. Very open sexually and believe 90% of sexual excitement happens in the mind and it is the last 10% that is made up of the subtleties and your ability to read your partner's reactions. My biggest turn on is maki
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    FcukerCouple  Couple (F36 / M40)
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    TheGeyser  Male (M40)
    You can contact me on Yahoo Messenger: Oralstimuli2000
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    bora_06  Male (M34)
    exciting, unlimited, cheerful,
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