WILF just LOVES sex!

Always together. He enjoys watching WILF suck & fuck other guys. Finding her big cocks. Meeting a total stranger for that first time fuck we both find erotic. He enjoys setting up & participating in a MFM for her. Watching her cum 5-20 times. And he loves fucking her cum filled pussy.

Also like having FUN with similar compatible couples. More difficult finding 4 heads on the same page.

Not into weird stuff. Oral & fucking. No anal anything.

Not looking for WILF fuck buddies here! He just enjoys showing her off.

He (7 3/4") loves to arrange, encourage & watch his hot WILF fuck other big cocks. I try to find her cock bigger than mine. Which she enjoys greatly! He enjoys watching other guys enjoy her body & fucking her.

She's shy about sex with others but with his planning & encouragement she's very willing.

Her comments once to him: "You know if u show me a big hard cock I'll want to fuck it". "I guess I was just built for fucking" So he tries to keep her supplied (within safety & reason).

VERY selective.

He has MANY pics & videos (discreet, never show faces) of her F-buddy encounters.

Strangers, bar pickups, friends, friends husbands, out of town trip pickups, internet invites, deprived husbands, work guys, ...

She's always (15+ years) had a steady local hung (usually married) fuck buddy in addition to her other encounters..
    • 4 weeks agoWILF4Fun uploaded a new video

      WILF: After Happy Hour Office Fucking
      WILF: After Happy Hour Office Fucking
      Again, after a Friday happy hour, WILF is fucked by a happy hour regular, (his wife left happy hour separately), on my nearby office floor. Not their first time. She loves his large bare cock! WILF has been fucked on that floor many times!
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      Luvprettytoes  I needed that! Love seeing her toes curled by taking a big cock

      Nov 18, 2017 17:39 (4 weeks ago)

      fuckpal  Damn that is hot......the moaning and groaning gets me all the time! I sure hope she ended up cumming!

      Nov 17, 2017 11:16 (4 weeks ago)

      markmark  Lucky him!

      Nov 17, 2017 05:00 (4 weeks ago)

    • 1 month agoWILF4Fun likes Solbadguy's video

      Vicky raw(1).mp4
      Vicky raw(1).mp4
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      sexy720  Nice creamy pussy!

      Apr 28, 2017 07:44 (8 months ago)

      kingchamps  mmmmmmarvelous ass :-)

      Apr 25, 2017 05:50 (8 months ago)

      lovecum  wow!!! hot vid!!! great view!!!!

      Apr 24, 2017 16:15 (8 months ago)

    • 1 month agoWILF4Fun likes BestBubble's video

      Bouncing Bubble
      Bouncing Bubble
      Watching The Wife Work That Bubble Butt
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      Thekidff  So damn hot

      Dec 13, 2017 21:27 (11 hours ago)

      Mrandmrssammy22  Lucky girl

      Aug 13, 2017 06:59 (4 months ago)

      kingchamps  awesomeeeee booty :-)

      Jun 28, 2017 08:12 (6 months ago)

    • 1 month agoWILF4Fun likes Joseph25's photo

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      Wexguy81  Amazing body

      Nov 02, 2017 16:27 (1 month ago)

      kingchamps  Gorgeous tits :-)

      Oct 31, 2017 06:57 (1 month ago)

      oldflaboy  RED HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oct 31, 2017 01:30 (1 month ago)

    • 2 months agoWILF4Fun likes charlize3939's photo

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      charmingbrit  stunning figure!

      Dec 11, 2017 21:30 (2 days ago)

      taman37  stunning!

      Dec 11, 2017 16:31 (3 days ago)

      brido1234ba  so hot !!!!

      Dec 05, 2017 16:07 (1 week ago)

    • 2 months agoWILF4Fun uploaded a new photo

      WILF: Nude Resort Sunning
      WILF: Nude Resort Sunning
      WILF bait for new vacation Fuck-Buddies. It always works!
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      jojo26  what a body! amazing!

      Nov 16, 2017 02:45 (4 weeks ago)

      Todd-Beth89  Gorgeous!

      Oct 11, 2017 19:01 (2 months ago)

      calm69  Looking fantastic as you always do.. perfect ;)

      Oct 06, 2017 09:56 (2 months ago)

    • 2 months agoWILF4Fun uploaded a new photo

      WILF: Nude Resort Sunning
      WILF: Nude Resort Sunning
      As always, driving guys (and me) wild. A sight to see when she rubs oil all over herself...or I do! @ Hedonism they stand in line to try to fuck her. Some do!
      Comments: 3Favorites: 3Likes: 36

      here4fun62  Beautiful!

      Sep 30, 2017 12:14 (2 months ago)

      webpal18  Beautiful woman, great hot body

      Sep 29, 2017 21:43 (2 months ago)

      lupomannaro55  Definitely she has an irresistible stunning body

      Sep 29, 2017 18:35 (2 months ago)

    • 2 months agoWILF4Fun uploaded a new photo

      MY WILF Sucking HER Cock on OUR boat
      MY WILF Sucking HER Cock on OUR boat
      My Cock. She LOVES to suck cock & always swallows! She has cum a few times while just suckking cock while swallowing cum mine & others)
      Comments: 3Favorites: 2Likes: 39

      lovecum  she's so fucking hot and sexy!!!

      Oct 02, 2017 14:40 (2 months ago)

      experience09  Lucky guy

      Sep 29, 2017 22:08 (2 months ago)

      lupomannaro55  What a super skilled cock lover babe in hot oral action...wish be my hard cock indeed

      Sep 29, 2017 18:34 (2 months ago)

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