May 15, 2012 07:29 AM
Dear Homemadeporn friends,
today we get a message while opening this website that our Telecommunication Authority has blocked access to this website, somehow in google cache we are able to run this website but we are afraid that sooner or later this site will be completely blocked in our country:-(
we will miss our great friends over here:-(
letting you have our chat ids on some different networks. Hope you will keep yourself in touch with us.
our id : satisfactionfindinghomemade is on yahoo, gmail, msn.
it means its like.... (we request a friend in UK to make this one for us).
Stay in touch with us.

May, 3 2012 07:43 AM
just had a shocking news:-(
our country might ban all the websites that has the word SEX, PORN, PYSSY, DICK, CUNT etc etc in the web address. so we can lose the access to this website any time:-(
We will miss our homemadeporn friends, damn too much:-(
There are few very good friends that we met here and very are really very sad on this shocking news:-(

April 10, 2012 we are dropped to 250th position from 74th one:-(
the male one of us met an road side accident on the 1st of april and hardly people believed coz it was april fool:-(
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