We are a crazy horny, fun, kinky couple looking for some fun, kinky people to swap photos & videos with. We are an open minded, we love to please and be pleased.
Tell us what you want and we will do our best to accommodate :)
After all you only live once <3
Please comment on, or like our photos and videos. Tell us what you want =) we'll try and do it!!
Friend away! XOXOX~
    • 2 hours agoPink-N-Wet commented their own photo

      Getting her warmed up.
      Getting her warmed up.
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      Pink-N-Wet  I had to stretch her out nice before I could slide my fat cock into her wet box!

      Oct 22, 2016 17:59 (2 hours ago)

    • 2 hours agoPink-N-Wet commented their own photo

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      Pink-N-Wet  I had just come home after being gone for about two weeks. She was so tight after not getting fucked on a daily basis. While I was gone she had sent a friend of ours a bunch of hot nude pics. We were both super hot to fuck!

      Oct 22, 2016 17:56 (2 hours ago)

    • 2 hours agoPink-N-Wet likes repo251's photo

      Wide open and ready
      Wide open and ready
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      explorers  Hubby is so hard for her, and my mouth is watering!

      Oct 22, 2016 14:55 (5 hours ago)

      webpal18  Such a hot and sexy woman. All spread and ready for a good pussy licking and fucking, Love to help

      Oct 22, 2016 02:11 (17 hours ago)

      cowan1  So sexy, love to touch. ;-) yummy!

      Oct 21, 2016 20:34 (23 hours ago)

    • 2 hours agoPink-N-Wet and LondonDude are now friends

      LondonDude  Couple (F39 / M39)
      I'm in a relationship but me and my partner have an open attitude to sex. As long as everyone is having fun and no one gets hurt everything is fine. Interested in any straight sex and sharing pics and videos. I travel a lot for work around the UK an
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    • 2 hours agoPink-N-Wet likes SeXXXyFreaky69's video

      Cumming Inside Her ;)
      Cumming Inside Her ;)
      Fucking her right after her ex fucked her... Talk about fucking HOT.
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      Killerpaddies  Hope her ex came in her too

      Oct 15, 2016 22:12 (7 days ago)

      lupomannaro55  mmmhhhh...lucky guy, in her warm heaven, a dream indeed...please more moaning hot sex session, please, I love you very much...Friends also?

      Oct 13, 2016 07:13 (1 week ago)

    • 2 hours agoPink-N-Wet and SeXXXyFreaky69 are now friends

      SeXXXyFreaky69  Couple (F24 / M29)
      Photos: 77Videos: 55
    • 2 hours agoPink-N-Wet likes SeXXXyFreaky69's photo

      Looking Sexy
      Looking Sexy
      Don't they just look AMAZING?!
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      charlie77  Double trouble, looks like a fun night x

      Oct 22, 2016 12:58 (7 hours ago)

      Bigdady1968  Very sexy young lady

      Oct 22, 2016 03:14 (16 hours ago)

      Newby79  Mmmm. Very nice duo! Would love to be in a threesome!

      Oct 22, 2016 02:42 (17 hours ago)

    • 1 day agoPink-N-Wet uploaded a new photo

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      leonardo103  superb shot !!

      Oct 21, 2016 22:46 (21 hours ago)

      lupomannaro55  Beautiful sexy bodied in action shot & breathless ass view, I love very much & I wait for more videos, please

      Oct 21, 2016 17:41 (1 day ago)

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