We are a crazy horny, fun, kinky couple looking for some fun, kinky people to swap photos & videos with. We are an open minded, we love to please and be pleased.
Tell us what you want and we will do our best to accommodate :)
After all you only live once <3
Please comment on, or like our photos and videos. Tell us what you want =) we'll try and do it!!
Friend away! XOXOX~
    • 6 days agoPink-N-Wet and jackie4fun are now friends

      jackie4fun  Couple (F52 / M52)
      All kings of parties and group fun.
      Photos: 22Videos: 0
    • 1 week agoPink-N-Wet and disdick are now friends

      disdick  Couple (F30 / M28)
      We love when single girls or couples message us and tell us the dirty things they think of us and what they want to do to us...so leaves some comments and message us we loved to hear from you guys
      Photos: 33Videos: 0
    • 1 week agoPink-N-Wet and nbcpl2007 are now friends

      nbcpl2007  Couple (F34 / M35)
      Photos: 21Videos: 0
    • 1 week agoPink-N-Wet and Alex2016 are now friends

      Alex2016  Couple (F31 / M31)
      Photos: 3Videos: 0
    • 2 weeks agoPink-N-Wet and floydpink are now friends

      floydpink  Couple (F57 / M60)
      Photos: 9Videos: 0
    • 2 weeks agoPink-N-Wet and Wannacum are now friends

      Wannacum  Couple (F41 / M41)
      Photos: 9Videos: 0
    • 2 weeks agoPink-N-Wet and c_ill_2 are now friends

      c_ill_2  Couple (F49 / M46)
      Photos: 7Videos: 3
    • 2 weeks agoPink-N-Wet and DoubleDcouple are now friends

      DoubleDcouple  Couple (F43 / M45)
      Hello,we are a happily married couple exploring new and different sexual activities.
      Photos: 2Videos: 1
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