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    Every woman should be a complete lady in public but a whole whore in bed, and a gentlemen has no memory of what he has done in bed with woman. However, despite this theory, we all carry within us t... 531 photos, 24 videos
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    Posting again hope you all enjoy our pictures. Let us know Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated we... 411 photos
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    Happily and faithfully married. Not a swinger but love compliments. 14 photos, 26 videos
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    We are Happily Married Biker couple that likes to show our stuff, now that spring is here and summer on the way we will be posting a lot of fucking in public places vids and pics, loved the response f... 2263 photos, 1314 videos
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    Just here to see and be seen. We don't need to meet people in real life for sex. Our sexlife is as good as it is now and sharing pics and videos is as far as it goes, nothing more... We like to rec... 424 photos, 78 videos
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    xhorneebabex we go We have been together for 21yrs and happily married for 17 yrs, we play together and also seperately, we both post up pics and also cam with a few trusted people, if its chat its more ... 509 photos, 8 videos
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    Hi everyone! We're a 20 year married couple that's still as much in love as on day 1. Everyday Mr can't believe how amazingly beautiful she is, and Mrs can't get her hands off him as he is so sexy. ... 71 photos, 16 videos
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    We are a crazy horny, fun, kinky couple looking for some fun, kinky people to swap photos & videos with. We are an open minded, we love to please and be pleased. Tell us what you want and we will do... 447 photos, 25 videos
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    Like Girls... Love Boys! Like Sex... Love getting Licked! and... Love to read what you think of my photos :) Enjoy and have Fun! 144 photos
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    Young, crazy in love couple. We love to watch and be watched. He absolutely loves showing her off. New to the site, but not to the lifestyle scene. We are here to post pics showing a bit of our nau... 83 photos, 15 videos
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    Hi everyone we were here a while ago now and we have come back for more we are friendly couple north east uk all our pics are us we hope you like if so click the button better still leave us a sexy c... 127 photos
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    HI there everyone. Just a horny couple who have gotten into making videos and taking photos. It totally turns us on. He's the camera man, I do the posting...Hope you enjoy! 78 photos, 43 videos
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    A horny fun couple sharing pics and videos and checking yours out! WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not ... 289 photos, 51 videos
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    Here for fun but Jen is warming up to more.. the more likes and messages the better she feels about doing more. 40 photos, 16 videos
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    we are a new couple to this site and recently verified. We have been posting for a few years on another site which has led to so wild and crazy times. We are both open sexually and like to try new exp... 368 photos, 21 videos
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    Married couple that enjoys taking pics and posting them for your viewing and comments :) 636 photos, 16 videos
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    Hello everyone, found this site many, many years ago. We recently came back to post some of our photos and videos from our collection. We're a happily married couple and the Ward and June of our ... 170 photos, 8 videos
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    Online fun 18 photos, 48 videos
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    We are a young married couple that is very sexual with each other. We to please one another as much as possible! It really turns us on having people look at our pictures and videos and telling us what... 40 photos, 12 videos
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    Curious couple, so much in love and loving intimacy and sex. Since we started sharing our most intimate moments, we discovered that sharing gives us a new and exciting dimension to our sexlife. We ... 78 photos, 24 videos
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    I'm an Italian man interested in homemade clips and pictures. I like to meet new friends 45 photos, 18 videos
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    older couple who love sex. 441 photos, 26 videos
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    Looking to spice things up by checking out some amateur sexy pics! Let's chat or message sometime! I love doing cum tributes. So if you would like to see one, send me a picture and I will be happy to ... 263 photos, 20 videos
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    (PLEASE TRIBUTE OUR PICS and or comment in order to become friends) We are a married couple, we love sexual play and we love to watch and be watched! We had to make our pictures private for friends on... 197 photos, 9 videos
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    Just having fun! We would love to meet new people and have some fun together. Please message us and like our page. Hope to meet you soon!!! Let us know what you would like to see! Lets play some... 261 photos, 20 videos
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    1697 photos, 150 videos
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    Looking for fun, open minded couples! When we are online we do it together only! 31 photos, 4 videos
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    I'm not so great with these "about me" things. Pretty much anything you wanna know you can see in the photos. They speak a thousand words. So go ahead and enjoy my profile. Leave a comment while you'r... 32 photos, 3 videos
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    We are a young couple who love to have fun and try different things to an extent. We both enjoy each other in the sheets. Any videos and or pictures past or future are for viewing only and may not... 25 photos, 3 videos
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    Just a couple trying something new. Never done anything like this online before. Please feel free to leave us comments and tips! We will take requests and even participate in camming with couples but ... 27 photos, 10 videos
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    We love to take pictures and video while having sex. We hope you like what you see. If there is anything you want to see us do just let us know. She likes to read the comments on her pictures and I li... 341 photos, 22 videos
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    We are a normal couple looking for fun and this is one way we find it ... 506 photos, 15 videos
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    Hello everyone, here to get turned on by ur dirty commentz..;o but u dont have to if u dont want. Dont do cam bec someone saw me before.Luv everyones pics and vids..&posting my stuff too, tell me what... 118 photos, 22 videos
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    ---------------------------------------------------------------=[| PLEASE READ |]=----------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to know WHEN i post a new photo... 76 photos, 2 videos
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    A typical horny couple that loves having fun. Very open minded and ready to try new things. We'd like to meet like minded couples willing to be part of our experiences. Please comment on our pictures ... 150 photos, 20 videos
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    Lots of sharing and fun. on webcam or via movies and Pics. no meeting. No permision is given to download any of our photo's or video's. Not to be used on any other sites. Feel free to look and comment... 4 photos, 1 video
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    Firstly we are a new couple here have been on many other sites thought we'd give this a try not looking to hook up with males both of us are straight though she is "tempted" we both enjoy the views an... 46 photos, 43 videos
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    well hello homemadeporn! been a fan for years, I just love showing off and so does she, soon to verify and get some real filthy vids for you guys. we get off on the hot comments and love sharing. ... 132 photos, 28 videos
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    We are an adventurous couple, married many years. We've played with men, women and couples and enjoy sex in all its forms, at least so far! We both love anal play and ass fucking a lot. She is B... 3 photos
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    share pic watch nice girl comment pic do cum shot 15 photos, 3 videos
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    We're a happily married couple here in the Midwestern USA. To the rest of the world, we're a perfectly normal couple: in here, it's a different story. :) We hope you enjoy our pictures and videos-... 71 photos, 3 videos
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    We are looking to swap pics with couples and single ladies, sorry no single guys. Send us a pic along with some info about yourself (what you're into, anything completely out) and then request what y... 94 photos, 6 videos
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    we are a fun always horny couple to likes to talk and make new friends we also are a full swap swinging couple with the right people we like to go to nudist resorts and we are into most things ... 73 photos
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    Don't be afraid to ask both are open minded and looking for new things . Her would very much like someone to do a tribute video she can get wet over!! Any of her lovely friends want to volunteer :... 34 photos, 7 videos
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    In a relationship, but on here alone. She is not as open minded as I am. Goals - making friends, chatting, having a good time. -----------------------------------------------------------------------... 6 photos
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    Enjoy posing in sexy Dresses, High Heels, Pantyhose with or without panties .I like to dress up in sexy costumes to be photographed , Just thinking of Men and couples watching my pictures get me very... 67 photos, 34 videos
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    We are about keeping our sex life adventurous and exciting, we are perfectly content with each other just like to share our adventures anonymously and have fun with it! 78 photos, 21 videos
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    MezLuvsTish 66 photos, 45 videos
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    We are looking for requests Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my pe... 201 photos, 32 videos
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    We are a fun couple, that enjoy sex. We love to take pics and vids when we have time. Hope you all enjoy what we share 60 photos, 6 videos
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    Just a couplelooking to share our pic/vids with an appreciative community. We are easy going and open minded but we dont meet or webcam... 74 photos, 3 videos
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    hello guys you may know us as hornygilf but we had to remove the profile as some of our vids were re-posted, we are a very nice genuine couple who like sharing and meeting up with other couples, you ... 133 photos, 12 videos
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    we are looking for kinky bi couples for lot of fun . so do not mess us about if not going to meet us as a couple do not try to lead us on as we wil name and shame you in main room and you do not... 104 photos, 44 videos
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    We are a very happily married young straight couple who like exploring our sexuality, sometimes leaning towards the fetish/bondage side of sex. My sexy wife loves me being in charge and dominating h... 20 photos
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    Discovered an extremely attractive woman who is a member here - deborahstrainingfile Since then, just doing a bit of exploring at this digital playground. Do note that many of the posted pict... 1113 photos
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    Hi there all, just found this site and thought we'd give it a go. We're the standard happily married couple just enjoying taking n swapping a few pics. nothing too dramatic, just having fun n see wher... 176 photos, 13 videos
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    WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have our permission to use any of our profile or pictures in any form or forum both... 198 photos, 7 videos
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    Hey we are a young couple new to the scene and looking for fun!! ;) Please comment and send messages for swaps or vid chats. We are open to some requests ;) x WARNING.. All videos, photos... 59 photos, 11 videos
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    Please ask to be our friends. We will be updating regularly with new pictures and videos as well. Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments! 8 photos, 1 video
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    Looking for fun Happily married couple who enjoy showing our pics on here etc. Husband likes to think of her with other men, she currently has a thing for BBC WARNING: Any institution or person u... 215 photos, 16 videos
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    We are a very hornycouple! She is a 22 year old that love to be fucked. We are looking for mature women to teach me. Couples, single men and groups of men to fuck me while my bf watches. you can email... 415 photos, 132 videos
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    We have been together 23 yrs and are just recently becoming very open and trying new things,it's been great. Please enjoy our pics as much as we do taking them, comments are a huge turn on. 216 photos, 20 videos
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    Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my prof... 35 photos
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    Open minded couple, we love 3somes, 4somes, group sex and more, and we love to read your dirty comments as well, that make us make more photos and videos, and when we live to reply the good dirty comm... 17 photos, 4 videos
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    Holli's 10 Rules 1. I do take requests, just send me a message with what you'd like to see in pics/vids. 2. There are somethings I simply won't do. 3. If you want to cam with me, we have to be fr... 130 photos, 6 videos
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    I would like to meet single ladies and couples who enjoy all kinds of adult fun. I am respectful, discreet, not camera shy and I live alone so I can host or travel. 127 photos, 5 videos
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    I don't want messages from men please! ... I don't want men!.. I'm waiting for messages from women only 34 photos
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    men,women,couples, for fun 25 photos, 127 videos
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    We are married since 21 years ago, we love all your comments, so please let us know what you think. 551 photos, 7 videos
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    We are fun couple who loves to put our great sex life out there for all to see. We both specialize in great anal sex, nobody does it better and harder. Our pictures are absolutely amazing, big cock ... 234 photos, 1 video
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    Hey! We are a fun young married couple who just recently decided to see if our hott spontaneous sex life can turn others on as much as it does us. We love taking pictures and making videos and can't w... 132 photos, 20 videos
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    we looking for couples for trade 119 photos, 1 video
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    Just a crazy couple having a little fun sharing pics from our favorite hobbies.... ( Fucking and Photography !!!) We really enjoy reading all of the comments, they're a big part of what motivates us ... 185 photos
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    Just looking for IR couples or SBM for fun, relaxation and a good time. We enjoy 3some and more gangbangs, bukaki. He is a real BBC so join us for a good time. Guys she wants Black Cock only. 57 photos, 17 videos
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    She really enjoys the comments, it's the only reason we post :-) 194 photos, 369 videos
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    My girl likes to party all the time. . .How are we going to be friends if you don't like, comment or have pictures? She is motivated by explicit comments. Please let her know how much you like her ... 100 photos, 17 videos
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    New and looking for some friends to help us get into this stuff we are opened minded freaks and ready to go for it so throw us a message and we can chat and see if we could meett we up getting freaky... 19 photos, 8 videos
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    We discoverered online playing almost by accident. Hubby (DM) put a photo up after I said it might be cool to anonymously show myself. The reaction was great; but I had no idea how erotic it would m... 100 photos, 13 videos
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