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  • Report as inappropriate pinktaco819, Dec 13, 2017 18:29 (2 days ago)

    Hey all you sexy people We have added two pics please feel free to check them out and leave your most erotic comments. Were also looming for requests on pictures

  • Report as inappropriate alberto85, Dec 12, 2017 07:59 (3 days ago)

    im horny now some mature ladies with hot pics for share? im horny

  • Report as inappropriate ande369ml, Dec 09, 2017 15:41 (6 days ago)

    New pictures and videos We haven’t posted in a while so we’re trying to add more for everyone. If any one has any ideas feel free to message us and we will see what we can do

  • Report as inappropriate Fewinhibitions, Dec 08, 2017 14:03 (7 days ago)

    Erotic chat Looking for someone who is dominant for erotic chat. Male,Female, or a couple.

  • Report as inappropriate AngelBabyBoo, Dec 07, 2017 13:18 (1 week ago)

    Here's a video! Check out my new video and let me know what you think. I'm up for suggestions so send me a friend request and let me know what you would like to see.

  • Report as inappropriate AngelBabyBoo, Dec 03, 2017 01:01 (2 weeks ago)

    Masturbate for you! More for you to enjoy!

  • Report as inappropriate AngelBabyBoo, Dec 02, 2017 08:53 (2 weeks ago)

    rate my boobs please i want to know what you guys think ofmy boobs... just posted a new pic

  • Report as inappropriate Pink-N-Wet, Dec 02, 2017 06:04 (2 weeks ago)

    New photos!!! Yay! Hi everybody! ❤️
    Sooooooo, I just put up a bunch of new photos, and I will be taking more tonight!! Please follow and send a friend request if you want to see more. Xoxoxo!!
    Lots of love! See you in the chat room!!

  • Report as inappropriate Debtraining, Nov 30, 2017 07:12 (2 weeks ago)

    posting pics in chat works for me too - good luck with the problem solving

  • Report as inappropriate explorers, Nov 30, 2017 01:02 (2 weeks ago)

    Chat Pics Thanks, and we're glad it's working for you. We'll assume it's on our end, then, and see what we can do to fix it!

  • Report as inappropriate TwoHeadedLoveMonster, Nov 30, 2017 00:51 (2 weeks ago)

    Chat Pics It works for us.

  • Report as inappropriate explorers, Nov 29, 2017 20:20 (2 weeks ago)

    Chat Pics Does any one know why we can't post pics in chat, now? We try to Browse files to select as in the past, but nothing happens. We think this is recent, but we were out of town for a bit, so, we just encountered this problem.

    Thanks for any tips.


  • Report as inappropriate jackie4fun, Nov 29, 2017 06:20 (2 weeks ago)

    Bukkake Really need a bukkake in Texas. I'm the center piece

  • Report as inappropriate Nwnomad, Nov 28, 2017 17:05 (2 weeks ago)

    Newbie Just wanted to say hi and am looking forward to meeting new friends and chatting with you! I will be updating my stuff when I can and enjoying all your sexy videos and pics so thank you to all you kind giving souls and stay naked and dirty!

  • Report as inappropriate Kordy1224, Nov 27, 2017 13:17 (3 weeks ago)

    Hello all...... Hello, new here! I’m a married male from Missouri, anyone else from Missouri?

  • Report as inappropriate paulhpl, Nov 26, 2017 08:32 (3 weeks ago)

    Wife Wife still waiting for 1st girl girl experience any takers ? Get in touch

  • Report as inappropriate explorers, Nov 23, 2017 17:55 (3 weeks ago)


  • Report as inappropriate txgorilla, Nov 18, 2017 05:56 (4 weeks ago)

    Playing online Looking for some ladies that would like to play online thru video chat. Message me and let's play.

  • Report as inappropriate Drhotdog2015, Nov 18, 2017 02:46 (4 weeks ago)

    Looking for a fuck buddy Newly single male looking for a female fuck buddy in wisconsin, norther illinois, iowa or possible minnesota. Must be drug and disease free and willing to be safe. Just looking for fun atm but if its great might be willing to start a relationship. Messagr me if interested and we can swap pics and go from there

  • Report as inappropriate Goodlad55, Nov 14, 2017 09:28 (1 month ago)

    wank buddy Hi married guy bored looking for wank buddy similarities wifes knicker and pics safe mutual fun meet yorks .

  • Report as inappropriate AngelBabyBoo, Nov 13, 2017 02:29 (1 month ago)

    New Picture Added a new picture and i was wondering if you all could take a look at it and tell me what you guys think... I have always been a little self conscious of myself. drop your opinion and tell me what you really think.

  • Report as inappropriate IM1976, Nov 07, 2017 19:06 (1 month ago)

    new pictures we just posted some new pictures up, let us know what you think.

  • Report as inappropriate Emkcuf, Nov 04, 2017 07:33 (1 month ago)

    What to do Hello all we are back and the wife wants to make porn and she doesn’t know what we should do so, please make suggestions. Then we will post requests

  • Report as inappropriate slowjo, Oct 31, 2017 23:35 (1 month ago)

    Happy Halloween!!! Wishing everyone a very naughty Halloween ; )

  • Report as inappropriate jackie4fun, Oct 24, 2017 03:40 (2 months ago)

    Horny for group loving Hot and horny needs a group to have sex with. Ready to hookup one weekend for a bukkake party

  • Report as inappropriate silenthunter69, Oct 22, 2017 00:38 (2 months ago)

    Chat room getting Silent Would love to talk to more people on the chat rooms. Don't have to share pics just stories and kinky experiences. Hope more people jump into the chat room soon.

  • Report as inappropriate ironcarpenter, Oct 20, 2017 10:51 (2 months ago)

    Female bi couple? Howdy y'all. It's lookin' like I'll finally have time for some r&r. Rampant nudity&rowdy sex. However, I have few social connections. I love bi-girls, especially couples already at ease, comfortable with, confident in their relationship, yet feel something missing. Me. I am in central New Mexico, and looking for you. Lets chat, hopefully connect, cultivate the chemistry and go from there. I will update my profile, soon. Please take a look and send me a message of interest. Thanks everyone.

  • Report as inappropriate jungleone, Oct 18, 2017 12:15 (2 months ago)

    A little love Feeling frisky this morning? Message me on Kik golfwangarmy

  • Report as inappropriate Manowar2867, Oct 16, 2017 01:17 (2 months ago)

    new york Any girls in the NY arena wanna join with me and my girlfriend? We're college students and kinds new to this!

  • Report as inappropriate Superfunn, Oct 12, 2017 20:25 (2 months ago)

    Video help Hi everyone. Wanted to see if there's any software or an app to clear up video. I have a video d of myself and ex in Las Vegas but it's unclear and dark. Help!!! Thx

  • Report as inappropriate goodlil666, Oct 07, 2017 17:36 (2 months ago)

    Eating pussy Totally agree, keep eating the pussy as long as everyone involved is enjoying it. I love to eat a sweet,fresh pussy and can spend hours doing that if the lady is into it. It's a great stress reliever and a great way to relax.

  • Report as inappropriate explorers, Oct 04, 2017 18:13 (2 months ago)

    A couple of responses... AngelBabyBoo,
    Although we both prefer some hair down there, your pussy is lovely either way, so, it's a matter of your choice on how you wear and fashion your pubic topiary.
    Of course your tits are perfect as is, in our opinion! They are lovely and enticing. Some men and women prefer ample boobs, others don't, and some just love them at any size because of who they belong to. We've enjoyed the whole gamut.

    Janieq is absolutely correct in her advice to keep eating your girlfriend's pussy, especially since you have such a love and passion for it. We completely understand the joy you receive and experience. We think eating pussy regularly is a good rule of thumb for life, in general, as long as everyone involved is enjoying it!

  • Report as inappropriate AngelBabyBoo, Oct 04, 2017 13:12 (2 months ago)

    Shaved or Bare What do you guys think of my Pussy when its Shaved and when it's Bare? (no hair) Also, are my titties big enough for you all?

  • Report as inappropriate janieq, Oct 04, 2017 10:38 (2 months ago)

    quickshot629 Here's my advice: keep eating your girlfriend's pussy.

  • Report as inappropriate quickshot629, Oct 04, 2017 07:48 (2 months ago)

    Cumming so quick So I have this issue that I always seem to cum quick, so my most recent ex gf, I had mentioned that I cum quick, and that what I love and enjoy to do is to eat pussy. I mean I LOVE EATING PUSSY. I feel like I'm making it up for cumming to quickly.. any advice ??.

  • Report as inappropriate Kimbee67, Oct 03, 2017 21:45 (2 months ago)

    Eat me Love she my husband cum

  • Report as inappropriate silenthunter69, Sep 24, 2017 12:46 (3 months ago)

    need more people in chat I mostly come onto this site to see and chat with new and interesting people. It's getting a bit depressing that hardly anyone jumps on chat much. This site is way better than any porn site because its about real people.

  • Report as inappropriate TN-DirtyThirties, Sep 17, 2017 23:00 (3 months ago)

    Local Area Looking to chat/meet local people from around the Nashville/Clarksville area.

  • Report as inappropriate South1989, Sep 11, 2017 19:50 (3 months ago)

    Florida Hope anyone from Florida on here wasn't affected too badly from Irma.

  • Report as inappropriate hornyguy77, Sep 11, 2017 09:38 (3 months ago)

    florida hope everyone in florida is safe and sound tonight and in the morning sending prayers

  • Report as inappropriate janieq, Sep 10, 2017 04:15 (3 months ago)

    re: penis size No need to be insecure. Just be a good guy and the right girl will appreciate you.

  • Report as inappropriate Theworm, Sep 10, 2017 01:59 (3 months ago)

    penis size actually noyhinh to do with porn just reading it from media and other reports really ,good to know that janie im pretty smart just insecure i guess

  • Report as inappropriate king2624, Sep 09, 2017 10:37 (3 months ago)

    Fl Hope everyone in Florida is safe during the hurricane. I will be riding out the storm!!

  • Report as inappropriate markmark, Sep 09, 2017 02:23 (3 months ago)

    re: penis size It's not the size of the boat. It's the motion of the ocean!

  • Report as inappropriate janieq, Sep 07, 2017 23:12 (3 months ago)

    re: penis size It has less to do with what's in your pants than what's between your ears.

    Stop believing what porn tells you.

  • Report as inappropriate Theworm, Sep 07, 2017 10:00 (3 months ago)

    penis size often wondered are there any women that prefer a small penis as opposed to a large on e,i myself would be on the small size but often cant help but wonder do women go for larger guys befor a small guy ?

  • Report as inappropriate Carl09, Sep 04, 2017 07:17 (3 months ago)

    London Any women fancy meeting up tomorrow or wednesday? Staying in heathrow for two nights while im working away. Send me a pm if your interested

  • Report as inappropriate Fewinhibitions, Sep 04, 2017 06:25 (3 months ago)

    Looking to chat Looking for dominant women or couples to chat with.

  • Report as inappropriate slowjo, Aug 30, 2017 21:10 (4 months ago)

    Texas flood Wishing everyone in Texas and sounding areas a little relief from this disaster. Better days are ahead.

  • Report as inappropriate BBimback, Aug 25, 2017 16:52 (4 months ago)

    Mod privilege s Had to do this separately Mods get nothing repeat no thing
    If site hasn't replied it's because of there lack of care / judgement . Nothing to do with mods in all my years (10) on this site have seen an admin in chat twice .

    Is one of reasons thinking of leaving

    As a mod / user of site yes I am a perv , but a polite perv and verb sounds like he has forgot this

  • Report as inappropriate BBimback, Aug 25, 2017 16:45 (4 months ago)

    Janie Sorry to see that you feel let's down , remember there still good mods even if I have been missing recently.
    Tho I am having thoughts of leaving .

  • Report as inappropriate explorers, Aug 24, 2017 20:00 (4 months ago)

    janieq Thank you for the warning, Janie. It is getting tougher and less enjoyable to chat on here, if it isn't someone we already have a relationship with. It's sad. Lots of folks have disappeared. Mr explorers is on less than I am, because it is hard for him to find women to chat with, at the times he can get on. You, Janie, are an oasis for him, as you are for so many, (myself included.) I appreciate your words of caution!

    ~~Mrs explorers

  • Report as inappropriate janieq, Aug 24, 2017 12:19 (4 months ago)

    It Figures... ...and no response from the site, and the moderator still has his privileges.

    Ladies, please be aware that Verbatimcock has asked at least one user to put his sleeping wife on camera.

    If you needed a reason not to chat here, you now have it.

    Very sad thing when you can't trust the *moderators* on a chat site to act with integrity.

  • Report as inappropriate janieq, Aug 23, 2017 02:16 (4 months ago)

    Classy I just saw a moderator in the chatroom asking a user to put his sleeping wife on camera.

    Next time you wonder why the women leave this site....

  • Report as inappropriate markmark, Aug 21, 2017 17:55 (4 months ago)

    U P There might be some folks who are not familiar the U. P. Jussayin'. Hope you get what you're looking for.

  • Report as inappropriate Hornycpl77, Aug 21, 2017 13:17 (4 months ago)

    Any ladies in Michigan's U.P. Hi there looking for ladies/couples in Michigan's beautiful U.P. for chat and see where it can lead if this is you write me

  • Report as inappropriate silenthunter69, Aug 19, 2017 02:24 (4 months ago)

    cum shot video So I have been asked to upload a cum shot video. My question is, what makes a decent one. Cause if I upload one I don't want it to look too boring.

    Cheers Silent.

  • Report as inappropriate markmark, Aug 14, 2017 18:16 (4 months ago)

    wired4u Bye Felicia!

  • Report as inappropriate ManNL49, Aug 11, 2017 13:35 (4 months ago)

    wired4u Men like wired4u for you do not only keep the women away from this site.

  • Report as inappropriate alberto85, Aug 11, 2017 08:15 (4 months ago)

    hi from italy I live near Pompei and i would like to meet for fun mature ladies in vacation in Campania

    contact me

  • Report as inappropriate idspud, Aug 10, 2017 12:53 (4 months ago)

    wtg janieq i couldn't of said it any better.those who think like wired4u i think go to the pay sites if thats want you want. I'm a guy and i believe in respecting the ladies.treat them badly you get nothing,treat them nicely and the sky is the limit.years ago when i joined this site i never had pics or a cam but since i was nice and respectful i was allowed to watch cams from many ladies and couples who didn't usually allow someone with no pics or cam to watch.i became friends with a lot of them. sadly because of the rude and demanding people most have left the just remember RESPECT is something everyone deserves

  • Report as inappropriate JohnSpark1978, Aug 10, 2017 06:29 (4 months ago)

    Tribute please Masturbatin my photo and send result please. This idea excite me

  • Report as inappropriate janieq, Aug 10, 2017 01:55 (4 months ago)

    Re: Keep Me On Here ...and it's this very selfish, clueless attitude that keeps women off this site.

    What wired4u is saying is that he will keep his account here alive if a woman comes across with the goods. And what's especially sad is that he apparently has no idea how awful he sounds saying it.

    Speaking on behalf of the women here: keep trying to get your refund, wired4u. Maybe you should join a proper porn site with models who get paid, as opposed to a site like this with real people who are trying to have some fun.

    wired4u got pissed off at me because I had the nerve to ask that we have a few conversations in the chatroom before I agreed to go on cam with him. Demanding little bitch, aren't I?

    The legit women on this site are real flesh and blood and should be treated that way. If you want porn chicks, there are thousands of sites who will gladly take your money and give you the experience you want.

    Hope wired4u gets his money back. And maybe learns a little bit about how to treat others as human beings.

  • Report as inappropriate wired4u, Aug 09, 2017 22:05 (4 months ago)

    Keep me on here! This site seems to go no where. Pictures and comments, thats it. If some lady wants to show me its something more, I just might have to keep my account going. South of Boston. Eric

  • Report as inappropriate joejoe110, Aug 07, 2017 23:27 (4 months ago)

    Martinsville Anyone from VA. Near the Carolina line.

  • Report as inappropriate wanadoit123, Aug 07, 2017 13:56 (4 months ago)

    who's in Alabama Who's in bama cent bama here

  • Report as inappropriate explorers, Aug 06, 2017 18:31 (4 months ago)

    wife wants Paulhpl,

    We wish we were in the UK. We would happily fulfill your wife's desire to fuck a woman in a heartbeat!


  • Report as inappropriate paulhpl, Aug 06, 2017 12:34 (4 months ago)

    Fuck my wife Wife wants to fuck a woman any takers if ur a couple guy can watch with me anywhere uk but prefer north east

  • Report as inappropriate MezLuvsTish, Aug 02, 2017 08:46 (4 months ago)

    New Stuff Coming..... We'll be posting some new stuff this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys.

  • Report as inappropriate Maryjane21, Jul 31, 2017 16:52 (4 months ago)

    Who's in Maryland Looking for some nice clean pussy to share my hard cock with

  • Report as inappropriate AngelBabyBoo, Jul 28, 2017 12:27 (5 months ago)

    Titties Wanna to lick?

  • Report as inappropriate mrilickpussy, Jul 28, 2017 10:34 (5 months ago)

    Ladies only How many ladies like black dick.

  • Report as inappropriate mrilickpussy, Jul 28, 2017 10:02 (5 months ago)

    Meet females I'm board Are there any women from P.A or in Pittsburgh or near the burgh. Message me.

  • Report as inappropriate CanUSquirt4Me, Jul 28, 2017 05:30 (5 months ago)

    Regional..? Anybody from the Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska are of the US?

  • Report as inappropriate canuck0770, Jul 27, 2017 05:08 (5 months ago)

    ladies would any ladies like to join in chat?

  • Report as inappropriate ande369ml, Jul 26, 2017 00:03 (5 months ago)

    What do you guys want to see? Message us with what you guys and girls would like to see? We want to know! And show you!

  • Report as inappropriate londonlover2, Jul 24, 2017 19:56 (5 months ago)

    chat Homemadeporn
    Sort this out

  • Report as inappropriate orallover, Jul 24, 2017 19:02 (5 months ago)

    Chat Ditto mark mark

  • Report as inappropriate markmark, Jul 24, 2017 16:25 (5 months ago)

    Chat room Why do I not have access to the chat room when it shows there are 5 members in the chat room????????????????

  • Report as inappropriate BBimback, Jul 24, 2017 15:50 (5 months ago)

    Chat Have contact then direct

  • Report as inappropriate hornyguy77, Jul 23, 2017 11:25 (5 months ago)

    chat miss u too janieq xoxoxoxo

  • Report as inappropriate clog17, Jul 23, 2017 10:39 (5 months ago)

    Please look Do you want to see my pictures?

  • Report as inappropriate londonlover2, Jul 22, 2017 20:31 (5 months ago)

    Chat Sort this out HMP
    I am horny as hell and no bloody chat

  • Report as inappropriate janieq, Jul 22, 2017 15:11 (5 months ago)

    Chatroom Boy, I can't wait for the chatroom to come back. :)

  • Report as inappropriate king2624, Jul 21, 2017 03:40 (5 months ago)

    Oral cream pies How many ladies love to receive and give oral cream pies. I want to takes pics of it happenening if the wife will allows it. Just want to see the numbers since 69 is my favorite position. Pm me what your thoughts are.

  • Report as inappropriate londonlover2, Jul 20, 2017 17:22 (5 months ago)

    Chat down Horny here and chat down

  • Report as inappropriate orallover, Jul 20, 2017 16:15 (5 months ago)

    Chat Anyone else having trouble getting on chat today ?

  • Report as inappropriate joejoe1234S, Jul 20, 2017 14:08 (5 months ago)

    Calikycouple66 Fake profile. Their only pic is on about 200 web sites. Don't waste your time.

  • Report as inappropriate lookingforfun55, Jul 20, 2017 07:39 (5 months ago)

    Any females in Tucson/Phoenix Hello ladies. Anyone near Tucson/Phoenix wants to have some fun? Let's talk.

  • Report as inappropriate Calikycouple66, Jul 18, 2017 02:12 (5 months ago)

    Kentucky? Anyone from Kentucky want to chat?

  • Report as inappropriate wristhick, Jul 17, 2017 21:52 (5 months ago)

    searching big cock 8 inches around anyone in west aus?

  • Report as inappropriate licker247, Jul 16, 2017 17:12 (5 months ago)

    indiana????? any females near indianapolis? like under 80 miles away?

  • Report as inappropriate Lolgun, Jul 15, 2017 16:28 (5 months ago)

    I have pending videos.. How long does it take for vids to finish pending?

  • Report as inappropriate 2Freaks69, Jul 15, 2017 02:27 (5 months ago)

    Horny and ready to play Also let me know what you want her are me are us to do and will do it for little $ tonight make this exciting and fun till we all cum

  • Report as inappropriate 2Freaks69, Jul 15, 2017 02:23 (5 months ago)

    Horny and ready to play Sexy freaky horny couple looking to play and have a little fun tonight are Maybe alot fun so message us and let us see your freaky haughty side tonight

  • Report as inappropriate ande369ml, Jul 14, 2017 00:33 (5 months ago)

    Hear from you guys Please comment and message us! We want to hear what you think of us and what you want to see us do next!

  • Report as inappropriate slutgflovesdick, Jul 13, 2017 14:58 (5 months ago)

    cash Wanna fuck for cash tell me what u would pay

  • Report as inappropriate slutgflovesdick, Jul 13, 2017 14:23 (5 months ago)

    gf wants comments Who wants to see my suck my gf suck my dick?

  • Report as inappropriate RichDick941, Jul 11, 2017 03:30 (5 months ago)

    Bored Ladies let's be friends. Let's play and have fun.

  • Report as inappropriate slutgflovesdick, Jul 09, 2017 16:56 (5 months ago)

    gf wants comments Check my pics and tell me if u want more

  • Report as inappropriate canuck0770, Jul 08, 2017 19:58 (5 months ago)

    pics let me know what you think of the pics i have posted and ill put some more up!

  • Report as inappropriate Stashit247, Jul 07, 2017 08:06 (5 months ago)

    Meet Anyone in the mood to play from SE Minnesota

  • Report as inappropriate hrnytxboy325, Jul 03, 2017 16:52 (5 months ago)

    Texas New to this site and hoping to make new friends. Im living in Abilene Texas. Hopefully Im not the only freak here. hmi

  • Report as inappropriate Youngnkinky, Jul 02, 2017 04:33 (5 months ago)

    She loves your comments We'd like to start posting something every day, and it gets her so horny reading what you guys think. Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see.

  • Report as inappropriate Smallcock_477, Jun 27, 2017 21:13 (6 months ago)

    looking for fun!! hey guys and girls looking to have some with anyone anytime!

    please message me or kik me : samuel477

  • Report as inappropriate chris2014m, Jun 26, 2017 10:21 (6 months ago)

    fun fun fun getting bored with the same crap ;-)
    looking to join a couple
    need to tick it off my list

  • Report as inappropriate quantum28, Jun 23, 2017 06:22 (6 months ago)

    will be visiting Atlanta hey any ladies in the Atlanta area want to meet and have some fun or release some stress will be visiting there for work. send me a message and let me know

  • Report as inappropriate iammike, Jun 15, 2017 19:36 (6 months ago)

    daytona feet hi, in Daytona for a few weeks. luv to enjoy some feet to include getting my balls kicked around.

  • Report as inappropriate Stix3523, Jun 11, 2017 06:29 (6 months ago)

    Play Hey ladies I'm Jake I'm looking to have a little fun if your interested get back to me

  • Report as inappropriate webpal18, Jun 11, 2017 01:12 (6 months ago)

    Mrs Webby Mid life crisis? Mrs is starting to think she does not have a good enough body to show off here. I think to me she is so sexy, just as much as she was when me met many years ago. Let her know on her pics and vids what you think. I want her to keep showing off, but I leave it totally up to her. When she says stop we stop. Your thoughts guys. I Love to have internet fun here.

  • Report as inappropriate AngelBabyBoo, Jun 10, 2017 19:19 (6 months ago)

    New Picture Looking for your opinion on my latest picture. My husband raves about it. I think it makes me look like a little girl.

  • Report as inappropriate RichDick941, Jun 09, 2017 02:18 (6 months ago)

    Bored want to swap Any women down to have a little fun? I'm bored and want to meet new ppl. So if you're willing to play and swap pics/vids. Hmu

  • Report as inappropriate Burghthing, Jun 06, 2017 00:36 (6 months ago)

    Hello I'm new here. Want to meet other people from Pittsburgh pa area. Have videos and photos pending. Hope you all like and comment on them.

  • Report as inappropriate South1989, May 30, 2017 19:31 (7 months ago)

    Threesome Heading to London in a few weeks. Looking to meet a couple for my first threesome encounter

  • Report as inappropriate Stunt_Cock11, May 28, 2017 19:40 (7 months ago)

    Hello I'm Back Ladies and Gent and my past friends. I am back again. Can't stay away. Thought I could but not. I would welcome invites from all past friends again. Lets catch up!!


  • Report as inappropriate slowjo, May 28, 2017 15:56 (7 months ago)

    Happy Memorial day Wishing everyone a very happy​ Memorial day. May we remember those who have served past, present, and future . Thank you for your service.

  • Report as inappropriate backdoorbobby, May 27, 2017 16:48 (7 months ago)

    Fun time Hello, looking for some fun beautiful sexy people who's looking to fuck suck lick cum together in North East Tennessee, I'm in Kingsport. I'm clean safe and a lot of fun.

  • Report as inappropriate Etab51, May 21, 2017 15:33 (7 months ago)

    New things Would love to watch my wife take a cock that is bigger then mine message if interested or want pics of her Texas only must be as big as me or bigger

  • Report as inappropriate Pink-N-Wet, May 20, 2017 00:46 (7 months ago)

    New Pics =D Hi everyone XOXOX!! Just wanted to say Ive been uploading lots more photos today.
    I hope you all enjoy them. I know i have enjoyed making them for you. Kisses!

  • Report as inappropriate andrewcs, May 18, 2017 22:08 (7 months ago)

    NSA Los Angeles Looking for a woman to be my fuckbuddy :)

  • Report as inappropriate Kinkyfetishs, May 18, 2017 09:08 (7 months ago)

    Double bloejob Wanting san attractive woman to join my wife in sucking my cock, and more. Feel free to get ahold of us.

  • Report as inappropriate Shymusiclover, May 17, 2017 22:56 (7 months ago)

    Chicago couple New to this site. Horny couple from Chicago eager to play in front of audience

  • Report as inappropriate Kinkyfetishs, May 15, 2017 21:39 (7 months ago)

    Double bloejob Wanting sn attractive eomsn to join my wife in sucking my cock, snd more. Feel free to get ahold of us.

  • Report as inappropriate danielharlow76, May 15, 2017 17:06 (7 months ago)

    Hi I'm Dan in ga Hit me up women kik dirtydan76

  • Report as inappropriate slowjo, May 14, 2017 11:15 (7 months ago)

    Happy mother's day To all the mothers here at HMP I would like to take this time and thank you for all that you do.

  • Report as inappropriate achatfun1, May 14, 2017 02:43 (7 months ago)

    dressed up should i post pics of my hubby cross dressing would any one wanna see

  • Report as inappropriate South1989, May 13, 2017 23:46 (7 months ago)

    Meet Booked a trip to vegas latter 'this year. Looking to have some chat with maybe a view to meeting when I'm there.

  • Report as inappropriate Milffuckb0y435, May 13, 2017 21:31 (7 months ago)

    Looking in southern Utah or ar Looking for a sexy women or couple to have a blast with. Southern Utah

  • Report as inappropriate divine_filth, May 13, 2017 06:42 (7 months ago)

    Hey! Tell us what you guys think! What would you like to see next?

  • Report as inappropriate youngnhard, May 09, 2017 18:31 (7 months ago)

    new and young Any ladies wanna help this hot young lad?

  • Report as inappropriate Aryan789, May 09, 2017 05:38 (7 months ago)

    Any one here from SoCal? I'm new here and am hoping to connect with people from SoCal or LA...

  • Report as inappropriate Justincase, May 03, 2017 22:23 (7 months ago)

    GA area Any ladies in the GA area......?

  • Report as inappropriate TatjanaDeluxe, May 01, 2017 09:03 (7 months ago)

    spiel mit mir Junges Girl aus Bayern sucht Spielpartner für Online und Real, Bilder und Videos vorhanden

  • Report as inappropriate Dnal1234, Apr 29, 2017 23:29 (8 months ago)

    Video chat on iPad Does anyone know how to work the video chat on an iPad?

  • Report as inappropriate Isthish0t, Apr 29, 2017 04:08 (8 months ago)

    Shots Cumhots are welcome

  • Report as inappropriate MyTroywife, Apr 23, 2017 12:01 (8 months ago)

    Posting Pictures Of HOT MILF Just joined and posting pics when we masturbate...wife gets soaked and comes for the camera. She gets off on reading her comments.

  • Report as inappropriate OrgasmMaster, Apr 22, 2017 18:47 (8 months ago)

    Hey ladies It.s my first virgin message here, I am looking to have some fun and get wild try new stuff need some one or two to turn me into a freak. I give good orgasm!

  • Report as inappropriate Kinkyfetishs, Apr 22, 2017 03:03 (8 months ago)

    Kinkier the better Whats everyone into?

  • Report as inappropriate Fuckmature91, Apr 20, 2017 17:56 (8 months ago)

    How do I get on video chat? How do I do a video chat?

  • Report as inappropriate Fuckmature91, Apr 20, 2017 15:33 (8 months ago)

    I'm new here! Hey everyone. Just joined! I have plenty of videos and photos coming!

  • Report as inappropriate Rumblebox420, Apr 19, 2017 20:53 (8 months ago)

    Illinois I'm horny ladies HIT me up

  • Report as inappropriate newbie263, Apr 19, 2017 00:44 (8 months ago)

    evening Hi peeps im a 28 year old male doing this for the first time looking for fun pic exchange an new experiences with more mature women/couples

  • Report as inappropriate LovelyLady, Apr 18, 2017 20:18 (8 months ago)

    Woah I just noticed this thing. Hello all ;)

  • Report as inappropriate slowjo, Apr 15, 2017 22:51 (8 months ago)

    Happy Easter Wishing all you kinksters a very Happy Easter :)

  • Report as inappropriate bigboy01, Apr 11, 2017 20:52 (8 months ago)

    Hi all Anyone want to wank off with me . Message me :)

  • Report as inappropriate mimycou, Apr 11, 2017 00:37 (8 months ago)

    Hi everyone! We are new to this site. Love to meet new couples and friends. Hit us up if you like us:)

  • Report as inappropriate Daddyandhisbaby, Apr 09, 2017 17:13 (8 months ago)

    New Users We are relatively new to the site, looking to make some friends. Please check us out, friend request, follow, or message us. We would love to hear your feedback!

  • Report as inappropriate South1989, Apr 09, 2017 01:23 (8 months ago)

    Meet yo Heading to London area soon. Hoping to chat to some London people and arrange a meet with a bi couple.

  • Report as inappropriate BCfreaks, Mar 26, 2017 15:50 (9 months ago)

    Upload issues I'm guessing you can't upload videos in HD?

  • Report as inappropriate IM1976, Mar 24, 2017 17:12 (9 months ago)

    New shower Pics we just posted up some new shower pictures, let us know what you think, and if you have any ideas for the next set.

  • Report as inappropriate BCfreaks, Mar 21, 2017 06:04 (9 months ago)

    HD Are HD videos not allowed? Cause we have a lot and they never upload... Any help would be appreciated so we can get these videos up.

  • Report as inappropriate Wetandhard, Mar 20, 2017 10:40 (9 months ago)

    Hi all Ok guys or girls I want to no if any of our pictures have made use cum if so let us no we would love to hear all about it maybe even show us thanks for all of your comments it makes me do wet and the hubby hard

  • Report as inappropriate Colbythemaster23, Mar 19, 2017 19:27 (9 months ago)

    New I'm new I want some loving

  • Report as inappropriate BradnJen, Mar 05, 2017 22:53 (9 months ago)

    Cairns Hot for a 3some, guy or gal if you're heading to Cairns..

    Kisses, Jen

  • Report as inappropriate Mynewslave, Mar 05, 2017 14:50 (9 months ago)

    Oregon freinds Hello we are a couple from southern oregon looking to play with either couples or single men/women in our area

  • Report as inappropriate BCfreaks, Mar 04, 2017 00:41 (9 months ago)

    South Florida Any females in south Florida that would like to have fun with us we're ready.

  • Report as inappropriate Newbee44, Mar 01, 2017 21:58 (9 months ago)

    Let me be your sub! Hello, I'm totally on black cocks and Turkish men.

    If you just want to use me please register.

  • Report as inappropriate himandheruk, Feb 28, 2017 20:40 (10 months ago)

    tribute would anybody be kind enough to cum on me? her xx

  • Report as inappropriate himandheruk, Feb 26, 2017 19:12 (10 months ago)

    Requests Me and the lady are looking to make videos/pics I'm 28 she 26 we are very open minded and just looking for ideas send us a message speak soon xx

  • Report as inappropriate boddie, Feb 26, 2017 18:18 (10 months ago)

    pierced pussy how do we put the wifes pirecd pussy under media tags

  • Report as inappropriate Andrew2793, Feb 26, 2017 15:20 (10 months ago)

    i want to tell u what to do I'm trying to find any women who would be ok with messaging me and letting me tell u what I want u to do and u send me a pic of u doing that and I send u a pic back and tell u what I want. Who knows maybe we it can happen for real one day. Please it turns me on to sext women I don't know

  • Report as inappropriate jojo26, Feb 26, 2017 02:34 (10 months ago)

    hunginbbc4u - chat w/ iPad my guess is that you're going to need to download/purchase an app that enables you to use flash, just like those of us who use iPhones must do to chat (since flash does not work with apple's ios). i use the Photon flash player on my iPhone. should work for iPad as well

  • Report as inappropriate thickdipstick, Feb 26, 2017 01:05 (10 months ago)

    Chat Any way to get into chat on my new apple iPad?

  • Report as inappropriate cumontits79, Feb 24, 2017 19:05 (10 months ago)

    Tributes Looking for anyone who does tributes. Would prefer it if you can shoot a huge load. Thanks!

  • Report as inappropriate Buttlove, Feb 23, 2017 02:09 (10 months ago)

    Arizona Anyone in the Tucson area?

  • Report as inappropriate OlyCple, Feb 22, 2017 17:17 (10 months ago)

    Looking Hello all my horny friends!!! We are just curious if there are ANY bi couples in the Washington area. We have been wanting to play like this forever, but either people are too far away, or only 1 is bi. Single bi women are quite alright, but bi guys will probably not get to play with her too much. Who knows tho, could make something happen!!

  • Report as inappropriate Blewballs, Feb 20, 2017 11:04 (10 months ago)

    Please help Would love to see some comments to get my wife back in the mood to take some more pictures and post them

  • Report as inappropriate cumontits79, Feb 19, 2017 15:12 (10 months ago)

    Tribute Hi, we are looking for something a little different. We would love a women to do a tribute to our video. Would really love it if you could cum at the same time hubby does in the video. Well, here's hoping someone could do that for us. Thanks!

  • Report as inappropriate canuck0770, Feb 18, 2017 04:46 (10 months ago)

    Pictures New pics up! Let me know what you think!

  • Report as inappropriate BCfreaks, Feb 17, 2017 21:31 (10 months ago)

    Any help would be appreciated Does anybody know of a good app that will resize photos to 800x600 pixels?

  • Report as inappropriate BCfreaks, Feb 17, 2017 19:13 (10 months ago)

    Kinda found a solution So we've dropped a couple new videos and are in the process of resizing all of the pictures and screenshots we cropped. I guess you can't crop them? Having a little trouble uploading a couple videos too. One is too high quality so I think I'm gonna have to downgrade them with a converter. More comin real soon. We thank you for the support!

  • Report as inappropriate Justincase, Feb 15, 2017 23:06 (10 months ago)

    Dirty South? Any ladies in the dirty south..? Shoot a mess if interested...

  • Report as inappropriate Justincase, Feb 15, 2017 22:39 (10 months ago)

    Dirty south Any ladies in the dirty south..?

  • Report as inappropriate BCfreaks, Feb 15, 2017 20:33 (10 months ago)

    Setbacks Our computer took a crap! We have videos to post but can't without the editing program on the comp. So until we get tho problem resolved uploads wont be as often. Hopefully it's fixed soon.

  • Report as inappropriate South1989, Feb 13, 2017 21:58 (10 months ago)

    Chat Anyone fancy drop a line and could exchange email. Heading to Sydney and Cairns shortly

  • Report as inappropriate Isthish0t, Feb 13, 2017 16:03 (10 months ago)

    Tribute Valentine cumshot?

  • Report as inappropriate slowjo, Feb 12, 2017 13:57 (10 months ago)

    Happy Valentine's day Wishing everyone a very happy Valentine's day

  • Report as inappropriate BCfreaks, Feb 11, 2017 07:35 (10 months ago)

    Awesome We love this site and are happy to share! We enjoy and hope you do too!

  • Report as inappropriate Wetandhard, Feb 10, 2017 07:21 (10 months ago)

    Hi My wife was just asking if I think any guys have cum over her pics or viedos of so let us no

  • Report as inappropriate nextdoor, Feb 09, 2017 20:17 (10 months ago)

    new picture Hello, just posted a new picture of my wife spreading. Please stop by for a view and a comment. thanks

  • Report as inappropriate Indiandick, Feb 07, 2017 02:23 (10 months ago)

    Fun & more Looking to make new content I'm 19 year old male in New Jersey contact me on here

  • Report as inappropriate pinktaco819, Feb 06, 2017 23:44 (10 months ago)

    Anyone from michigan Please view and comment on our pics tell us what you want to see a certain scene or costume fisting her cumming in her ass let us know what you want

  • Report as inappropriate Quality223, Feb 06, 2017 11:43 (10 months ago)

    Location Anyone in pittsburgh area?

  • Report as inappropriate Emkcuf, Jan 30, 2017 11:55 (10 months ago)

    Chat Room We can't access the chat room, why I don't know but it sounds like we shouldn't anyway

  • Report as inappropriate BBimback, Jan 29, 2017 23:22 (10 months ago)

    Chat war I am banning IP address as well

  • Report as inappropriate IM1976, Jan 29, 2017 21:00 (10 months ago)

    RE: Chat War can you Ban by IP? I moderate a Forum and we usually ban by IP address, because when they get banned they just make an other account.
    but if verified members only are allowed in the chat, it will make it harder to make a new user and hop back in.;

  • Report as inappropriate BBimback, Jan 29, 2017 17:11 (11 months ago)

    Chat war Got one , will get other two
    +unverified with no pics get 12hr ban
    Next time year

  • Report as inappropriate jojo26, Jan 29, 2017 14:57 (11 months ago)

    Cleaning up the Chat Room Perhaps it would improve the environment of the chat room to allow only verified site members to participate. That should screen most of the miscreants.

  • Report as inappropriate BBimback, Jan 29, 2017 12:25 (11 months ago)

    Spunk bubbles Why are are small majority of men (including so called couples ) arse holes
    Stop your demanding insulting in chat . Have names have declared war

  • Report as inappropriate idspud, Jan 28, 2017 23:25 (11 months ago)

    harassment thanks again to the abusiveness of guys in the chatroom we lost another woman.i can't believe how guys think this is ok.this may be a porn site but it doesn't give you the right to bully insult make threats against anyone.if you feel it does you should feel ashamed of yourselves and take a good look at your conscience. we are here to have fun but its not fun in chat a moderator and i don't go to chat much anymore because i know it will be either quiet or abusiveness going on which in turn i either kicked people out or banned them but i know they get right back in since some have multiple accounts.last part of can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar.just something for people to think about.

  • Report as inappropriate Jay1227, Jan 28, 2017 02:56 (11 months ago)

    England Any one on ere from Devon I'f so pm x

  • Report as inappropriate Mr-Mrs-Ja-Ja, Jan 24, 2017 15:29 (11 months ago)

    Tributes please Mrs Ja - loves a tribute we love to look at them together please if your that way inclined please do us some

  • Report as inappropriate nottshy, Jan 24, 2017 07:29 (11 months ago)

    Lets chat Up for.anything. Lets get creative ;)

  • Report as inappropriate RichDick941, Jan 24, 2017 04:07 (11 months ago)

    Bored Sitting here bored. Wld love to have a female friend that is also bored and wld like to play

  • Report as inappropriate BBimback, Jan 21, 2017 23:15 (11 months ago)

    Chat Have contacted site about site being down again

  • Report as inappropriate Emkcuf, Jan 20, 2017 11:13 (11 months ago)

    Come on talk to us Come on you lot tell me what you want my man to do to me. We haven't started. P.S. He is making me a sex machine, hence the adapters in Mr. Blue xxxx

  • Report as inappropriate Drchristoe, Jan 16, 2017 15:56 (11 months ago)

    Chattanooga 16th-19th I will be in Chattanooga the 16-19th and would like to play a bit! I'm not bi, but not shy.

  • Report as inappropriate BradnJen, Jan 15, 2017 06:54 (11 months ago)

    Cairns Hunting for likes and a holiday threesome..
    Jen is getting hornier by the day and wants more, more comments, more likes, just more

  • Report as inappropriate Travthemover, Jan 12, 2017 17:47 (11 months ago)

    Hi! Please comment on our pics and vids. It really turns us on and makes us want to post more sexiness for you all to get out to!

  • Report as inappropriate MezLuvsTish, Jan 11, 2017 14:12 (11 months ago)

    This Weekend.... This Weekend....
    Tish is in for a nice surprise this weekend. Friday she'll be putting on a live show unbeknownst to her while she is tied to the bed and blindfolded. She has no idea that a new shipment of goodies is coming today. Wait till you see what's in store for her. Keep your eyes on the live chat. Not sure what time it's gonna happen on Friday.....

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